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Track 3: Business of Product

Organizations’ unsung heroes: Internal PMs and the value they drive

Ask someone what a product manager (PM) does, you’re likely to hear that they perform crucial work on customer-facing apps. That answer largely overlooks a crucial function that an increasing number of PMs are tasked with: managing user experiences and workflows for their fellow employees. Having been on both sides, Andrei Zimin of Asana will share his take on the differences between external and internal product managers, focusing on the value that the internal PMs help drive. How are employees using key tools? How do you know if it’s time to replace one tool with another or consolidate? What’s the ROI of a given app or set of apps? See how internal PMs get insights into these and other areas to empower employees, boost productivity, and drive efficiency for their businesses.


Andrei Zimin

Senior Product Manager