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Track 3: Business of Product

Meeting of the minds: Product and design unite

How can a cross-functional product team integrate data into their decision-making, while maintaining their subject matter expertise?

Data should guide all phases of product design and development, helping teams to confirm assumptions, experiment with hypotheses, prioritize roadmap items, and enhance efficiency with each iteration of the design and development process. In this session, PNC will guide you through how to stand up an end-to-end product design and development process beginning with discovery and ending with release and product improvements.

This session will cover:

  • Forming a Collaborative Working Group spanning multiple product disciplines.
  • Defining team processes — A complete end-to-end Product Design Process that includes discovery, design, development, and measuring impact.
  • Reviewing case studies to illustrate the full process in action.
  • Scaling your product tracking and reporting systems in alignment with team and business growth.


Anna Boyle

Lead Experience Designer


Caitlin Cataldo

Digital Product Manager