Luminary Keynote: The cosmos and creativity—A look into the future at 3 different levels

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

What lies in wait for us? Where are we headed? How will what matters most to us change as humanity and society continues to evolve? In this session of interlocking TED-style talks, we’ll be considering these and other timeless questions from three distinct standpoints: of humans as creatures of the cosmos, as wellsprings of creativity, and as architects of a new digital world. Join Michio Kaku, world-renowned theoretical physicist and futurist, as he examines the universe and our place in it. Then hear Sophia Chang, legendary music manager and author, talk about human creativity and what drives us to innovate. Finally, see award-winning entrepreneur and storyteller Sam Rad talk about the dawn of the metaverse and how it will shape our reality and experiences. You won’t want to miss this mind-bending set of keynotes by some of the most interesting thinkers on the global scene today.


Dr. Michio Kaku

Theoretical Physicist and Futurist

Sophia Chang

Legendary Music Director, Manager, and Author

Sam Rad

Entrepreneur and Author

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