Decide with Data Track Meymandi

Introducing NPS insights: Use machine learning to cut through the noise

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Today companies use NPS to tap into raw data about what customers think about their products. These companies collect hundreds and thousands of textual responses that contain pure gold about the strengths and weaknesses of their product, which product teams can use to build a data-driven roadmap that will improve their products and retain customers. But to be able to truly extract the value from NPS data, you need to find the common thread. Product teams are forced to comb through each response, summarizing and searching for common themes that arise from the data. This leads to hours of work spent on data processing that should be spent delivering customer value. Product teams need a way to cut through the clutter and get to the insights.

With Pendo’s new machine learning capabilities, textual NPS responses are automatically analyzed to extract the top recurring themes and how they map to what drives a promoter or a detractor. In this session, you’ll discover how Pendo can help you cut through the clutter of qualitative NPS data.


Inbal Budowski-Tal

Senior Director of Machine Learning


Courtney Haindel

Product Marketing Manager


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