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Track 3: Accelerate your Pendo initiatives

How to use Pendo In-app Guides to prompt action and improve digital engagement

Many organizations rely on email to communicate important information to their customers, only to be disappointed by poor campaign performance. With 347.3 billion emails sent per day, it is easy to understand why less than 20% of emails sent are never opened—much less acted upon. In this session, find out how Paylocity uses Pendo to reduce email overload and connect with customers at scale, while reaching 68% to 93% of the companies targeted using in-app messaging. You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine whether Pendo is the right communication vehicle for your message
  • Create Pendo guides that communicate your message and maximize what you know about your audience
  • Analyze Pendo user and guide data to understand how your element is performing, so can you iterate and improve results


Sara Almekinder

Manager of Digital Engagement


Devon Ruh

Digital Engagement Specialist