Delight Users Track Memorial Hall

How iRobot uses proactive product messaging to partner with users in every step of their journey

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

iRobot has mastered the consumer electronics and robotics space. With years of innovation, research, and engineering power, we’re taking away the burden of using your precious time to clean your home. As we continue to invest in our technology, it’s even more critical that we invest in our customer’s experience. iRobot partners with users every step of the customer journey to make sure their experience is seamless and easy. Transparency with users is the key driver in how they feel about the experiences we have created.

Whether it’s showing our users step by step guides on how to use a new and intelligent feature, ensuring that we connect them to a customer care agent when they hit a snag, or celebrating an achievement based on their goals, customer experience is our #1 priority. With over 15M connected customers, it’s crucial that we deliver true user value in every experience we ship. That is why iRobot has partnered with Pendo to ensure that personalization and communication are at the forefront of our mobile app.

Hear from Mary Ward, Sr. Product Manager of Growth & Personalization at iRobot as she discusses how product-led messaging has helped iRobot build a communicate first product strategy, and how this strategy can be applied to drive delight within B2B customer experiences.


Mary Ward

Senior Digital Product Manager


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