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Track 3: Accelerate your Pendo initiatives

How FactSet scaled Pendo across 30+ applications

As we at FactSet scaled up our Pendo deployment, we quickly realized that keeping metadata and best practices consistent across applications was difficult. So FactSet engineers built a service to abstract common practices and allow new applications to onboard with Pendo in minutes. Install reviews were less time consuming, taking only 15 minutes, and were more focused on building our data driven product culture. We were able to install Pendo across 25 Pendo Engage and 9 Pendo Adopt applications and teams within months, and left colleagues feeling enthusiastic that the Pendo process was so easy to kick off. In this session, we will walk through the technical implementation of the service, and discuss the benefits felt by all parties.


Dale Caffull

Principal Software Architect


Rachel Lu

Senior Product Analytics Manager