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2023 - Track 2: Build for a digital-first world

Engagement at any scale: How U.S. Bank uses Pendo to create better digital experiences for consumers and small businesses

In this session, you’ll hear how two very different teams within one of the country’s largest banks both use Pendo to build better customer experiences, at scale.

First, Robert will explain how the Consumer Online Banking division ramped up their Pendo use cases to drive engagement within their digital channels, with a focus on engagement and customer satisfaction (CSAT). He’ll take a closer look at the pain points U.S. Bank was facing when they first came to Pendo—namely the challenges stemming from their Union Bank acquisition—and how they’ve leveraged Pendo to solve these pain points. He’ll also discuss how his team has continued to expand their Pendo use cases—from analytics, guides, emergency messaging, and more. Finally, he’ll shed light on the KPIs his team uses to measure success, how they’ve changed over the years, and where he sees U.S. Bank going with Pendo in the future.

Next, Sara will discuss how the Small Business Banking division has leveraged Pendo to help small business owners—who are short on time and resources—continue to adopt key features and get more out of their banking experiences. She’ll examine how U.S. Bank has united their Product, UX, BI, and CS teams around a common goal of increasing feature adoption and driving self-service through in-app strategies that marry good product design and knowledge resources—with the ultimate goal to deliver customer value while driving business impact for stakeholders.


Robert Sprogis

Senior Vice President, Head of Online Banking Digital Experience

U.S. Bank

Sara Bochino

Vice President, Customer Success

U.S. Bank