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Track 5: Prove product value

Empowering data-informed decisions across the enterprise: How to integrate Pendo data into your BI tools

In today’s data-driven world, organizations depend on leveraging insights and analytics to make informed decisions that drive desired business outcomes. Oftentimes, these opportunities are blocked due to data silos and a lack of an established process or practice that enables cross-functional teams to collaborate and problem solve effectively. In this session, Andrew and Joseph will share their story about how the IR Digital team at S&P Global unified Pendo Analytics with data across the enterprise in PowerBI. And they’ll demonstrate how this initiative enabled their Product, Sales, and Client Services teams to achieve a holistic view of our customers—empowering them to better serve customers while also informing the organization’s strategy for commercial success.


Andrew Chan

Director of Product Management

S&P Global

Joseph Holub

Director of Client Services

S&P Global