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Track 2: How I Pendo User Deep Dives

Elevating enterprise software to SaaS standards

Our talk explores the fusion of traditional methods with cutting-edge technology to reshape onboarding in enterprise software, particularly in the challenging arena of supply chain management. This session will unpack how strategic integration of Pendo has unlocked a modernized onboarding approach to our product without limiting the enterprise flexibility demanded by customers.

Discover how we took a traditional enterprise implementation that required hands-on service at all levels and created a modern, SaaS-based onboarding experience in our product to create another for customers to buy and use our software. Now we can offer both options to customers and give them the choice of engaging with our comprehensive professional services or navigating the self-implementation journey independently with the careful, crafted support of Pendo’s tools.

Additionally, we’ll share insights on how we’ve used Pendo’s AI-driven platform to capture metrics and gauge success of new and existing customers from the unique perspective of the supply chain industry.


Elliot Land

Innovation Product Owner


Nic Toporcov

Senior Frontend Developer


Kevin Gaul

Product Manager