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Changing the way the world drinks: How Athletic Brewing Company turned an overlooked category into a booming business

When Athletic Brewing Company Co-Founder and CEO Bill Shufelt stopped drinking in 2013, he was surprised to discover that nobody had taken the time to develop a line of full-flavored, non-alcoholic beers. He set out to change that by creating a company focused on crafting delicious adult non-alcoholic beverages that didn’t compromise on taste or quality. He left a successful hedge fund career to begin building the first U.S. brewery dedicated entirely to crafting game-changing non-alcoholic beer, despite skepticism from industry insiders. In just six years, Athletic has built the two largest dedicated non-alcoholic breweries in the U.S. and become the best-selling non-alcoholic beer brand in America.

How did Athletic turn one of the most overlooked categories into a booming business? How did its co-founders revolutionize how non-alcoholic beer was made without sacrificing taste or quality? And how are Bill and his team building products and a brand that are changing the way we drink?

Athletic’s success lies in the ability to reimagine and reinvent. During his Pendomonium keynote, Bill will inspire us with stories about taking risks, making strategic bets, overcoming “no,” and turning a product that people once ignored into a thriving business. You’ll walk away with lessons you can apply to start reimagining your products and digital experiences.


Bill Shufelt

Co-founder & CEO

Athletic Brewing Company