Segment Your Way to Enlightenment

Session Abstract

Pendo provides a firehose stream of analytics, which is great! But how do you filter out the noise? The obvious step of blacklisting servers is easy. Beyond that, there are some key techniques to apply to the data that your application provides to Pendo. The goal: make it easy to set up powerful blacklist entries and Segments in Pendo so that you see only relevant analytics.

For example, sending data to Pendo from a test or staging server is useful, but be careful! If your test data overlaps with your production server, be certain to tag it differently when sending it to Pendo.

And while blacklists are great for controlling Pendo's analytics, they don't help you target Guide content. For that, you have to be smart about how you use Segments and you have to understand how Pendo uses the data you send it about each Visitor and Account.

Another key thing to understand about Segments is that Pendo only keeps the most recent information that your application sends about each visitor to your application. The implication is that you have to be careful about looking at historical data with Segments that are based on visitor attributes. You can do date-independent analysis, but it requires a specific technique.

Come to this session to learn tips and tricks for creating Segments for the analytics you need and the customers you want to target!

Session Speaker

Gregg Sporar

Gregg Sporar

ShippingEasy, Product Evangelist