Realizing Success Amidst Complex Deployments and Multiple Teams

Session Abstract

Infor Talent Science leverages Pendo functionality across multiple teams – Product, Customer Success, Development, Training, Science/R&D, and even Sales. Our journey has been fun, but not always easy. Hear about how Pendo took root in our organization in different ways and how cross-functional use cases developed. We’ll share the learnings we’ve gleaned, and how we collaborate & coordinate today.

Co-presented by two major ""owners"" of Pendo as it is deployed for Infor Talent Science: Product Director, and a Senior Customer Success Manager.

Talent Science has two Pendo deployments for different types of users in our product. While implemented by our Development team, other groups/departments began to learn about Pendo and what it could do. Excitement evolved into multiple use case ideas. As the utility of Pendo spread, complexity naturally crept in as there were more users touching the system, creating filters, tagging pages, launching surveys & other guides, and more. At this point, we have six discrete teams using Pendo -- and those use cases stand-alone, and overlap at times.

Our story delivers learnings about how to coordinate & collaborate to ensure things work smoothly. How to communicate successes (and challenges) across teams in a single organization to drive up value for everyone.

Session Speaker

Brian Severski

Brian Severski

Infor, Product Director