Product Operations: Building a Tactical Team Within Product Management

Session Abstract

Ahh, the glamor of being a Product Manager...' forward thinkers', 'strategists', 'visionaries', 'CEO of their Product'. But according to a survey by Pragmatic Marketing Inc., most Product Managers are spending less than a third of their time working on strategic initiatives. Administering and managing tools, data (oh, the data!), and trying to build processes are proving to be death by a thousand paper cuts.

Enter Product Operations, the process- and data-driven tacticians of the Product Management world, and quickly becoming a must-have team in Product Management. Learn how one company built a Product Operations team to standardize data gathering (specifically using Pendo) to inform roadmaps, drive and regulate experimentation (product validation, betas, early adopters), and ultimately help Product Managers deliver better value to customers using scalable, repeatable processes.

Session Speaker

Shelly La Rock

Shelly La Rock

NAVEX Global, Director of Product Operations