Utilizing Pendo to Drive Product Innovation and Improve Patient Outcomes

Session Abstract

Force Therapeutics uses Pendo to gather engagement patterns of patients. We then analyze that application data to isolate and measure the contribution of certain behaviors to patient-reported outcomes. With that information, we can see, verify, and promote the behaviors that lead to the most desirable outcomes for patients. We also use the analysis to adjust the end-user experience to optimize the likelihood of a quick, successful patient journey.

Attendees will learn:
- How we analyze trends and segments in our patient behavior using Pendo
- How we align that behavior to information in our own database using Looker/LookML and Pendo
- How we synthesize those insights to drive product strategy and improvements
- How we use guides and other tools in Pendo without dependency on our own engineering resources

Session Speaker

Christopher Young

Christopher Young

Force Therapeutics, Head of Product Operations