Adam Siegel


Education and Training Specialist

My name is Adam Siegel. I'm an Education and Training Consultant working with CareCloud, the #1 EHR for high growth medical groups. I use Pendo and other tools to design an onboarding and performance support architecture that guides and mentors users at every step of their user journey. At CareCloud I've been able to wear many hats starting in implementations, assisting product and customer success teams, and engaging with our customers at multiple levels before we established a dedicated Education and Training team. I was a US Army medic for nine years before transitioning to healthcare IT and I know that medical teams need every advantage they can get to provide the best quality care to their patients. Their technology platform is a critical component in doing that to the best of their ability. So far in 2019, my son was born in January, I got a new puppy in May, we implemented Pendo, and started putting our education strategy into action. Apparently I decided to do 2019 on hard mode.