Guide users with free onboarding software

Lead your users to software mastery from their first login.

Web guides

Improve your user experience with guides

Stop relying on lengthy development cycles

Pendo Free’s analytics and in-app guides don’t require code. Just drag, drop, and deploy.

Contextual messaging for every user

Segment your users with usage data, then deliver differentiated support tailored to each group’s specific needs.

Free up support resources

Automate new user training so customer success and support resources can focus on strategic tasks that drive loyalty retention.

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What our customers say

“As a startup co-founder playing both Product Manager and Product Marketer, Pendo Free is kind of the dream tool.”

Analyzing onboarding success, measuring feature adoption, adding guides to help here and there, announcing features to only the users who care about them–I’m doing all that in Pendo and it costs me nothing at our size. It’s seriously a no brainer.”

Adam Patarino | Noteable

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How customers use Pendo Free

Guide customers to success

Learn how Ruby Receptionists provided in-app support to struggling customers.

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Drive feature adoption

Learn how Cartegraph increased mobile adoption by 62%.

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Improve App Store ratings

Learn how CINC used Pendo guide to increase their App Store rating by 1.5 points.

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