What Does The Vox Say?

Written by Michael Peach  | 

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It says you should start using NPS

Understanding customer sentiment—and how the product experience influences sentiment—is one of the most important challenges that digital product teams face. The Net Promoter System (NPS) has emerged as a promising solution. With a single survey question and  easily benchmarked numerical score it’s simple to implement and track. This is why NPS was flagged as a top trend last year in Bessemer’s State of the Cloud Report.

It’s no secret that we’re fans of NPS at Pendo. In the past year, we’ve made significant updates to the Pendo platform to better support, and provide actionable insight, into NPS responses. We’ve also used NPS heavily ourselves, sharing our learnings and working best practices back into our products.

Introducing Pendo Vox – Free NPS From Pendo

Today, we’re announcing something bigger. Pendo Vox is a new tool designed to help digital product companies easily capture and analyze customer feedback. Pendo Vox lets you design and deploy NPS surveys, collect and analyze results, and share sentiment broadly across your organization. Best of all… It’s completely free to use.

Survey Your Users In-App and Over Email

There’s a lot of debate about the best method to deliver NPS surveys. Some vendors (like us) argue for in-app surveys whenever possible, while others believe email is the better channel. The truth is there’s value in both approaches. In-app surveys reach users “in-the-moment” for relevant feedback and have much higher response rates. Email surveys let you reach lapsed users, or important project sponsors or decision-makers that don’t regularly spend time in your product.

Pendo Vox gives you the best of both worlds. You can deliver NPS surveys in-app or in email, or use a combination of both to reach the right mix of respondents.

Segment and Analyze NPS Responses

An NPS score is only valuable if you can use it to better understand and improve your customer experience. Pendo Vox lets you dig into your NPS scores for deeper insights into user sentiment. You can segment your responses by role, plan level, trial vs. paying customer, or any other relevant user attribute. Exploring NPS responses for different segments can sometimes yield important insights that would otherwise get lost in the larger score metric.

If the ultimate goal of an NPS program is to improve your customer experience over time, then no benchmark is as valuable as your NPS score. Pendo Vox makes it easy to see NPS trends—the score summary page displays a rolling daily, weekly, or monthly score. Pendo Vox automatically samples an even distribution of users over time, allowing you to get continuous feedback without over-surveying your users.

Share Feedback Broadly Across Your Team and Your Company

Effective NPS programs aren’t owned by a single individual or team within your organization—NPS is a company-wide commitment to improving customer experience. It’s built around a “closed loop” of customer feedback, follow-up, and remediation. That means multiple teams and team members must be part of the process.

One of the best ways to get the whole team involved in NPS initiatives is to make NPS responses more broadly visible. Pendo Vox facilitates this by integrating directly with Slack. You can push NPS survey responses to any Slack channel as they come in, which immediately increases visibility and ensures rapid follow-up on customer issues.

An NPS Solution That Grows With Your Program

Pendo Vox provides a strong foundation that companies can use to build an NPS program. It provides NPS surveys, analysis, and communication to digital product companies at no cost. And as NPS initiatives mature and scale, it’s easy to migrate to Pendo’s full Product Cloud for advanced NPS analysis and automated in-app follow-up and remediation.

Pendo supports NPS programs at scale by correlating qualitative (NPS responses) feedback with user activities, allowing you to understand which user behaviors and areas of your product drive customer delight and which cause frustration. You can use these insights to provide additional help to frustrated users, drive detractors to use higher-value features in the product, and activate promoters to advocate on your behalf.

Ready to launch your NPS program? Start using Pendo Vox today.