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Taking community to the next level

Published Feb 1, 2022

Since the earliest days of Pendo, my team has made it part of our mission to elevate the craft of product management, to help the discipline evolve from an art to a science. Sure, we wanted product managers to have access to the data and tools they needed to build great products. But we also recognized the need for education, knowledge-sharing, and community as product managers gained responsibility and influence in their organizations. 

We started off attending ProductCamp events on the weekends, and moved on to attend—and often sponsor—nearly every gathering of product managers. As new communities formed, we supported those too. We even started our own. Twice! We created Pendomonium in 2017 to encourage knowledge sharing among our first 100 customers. We also launched ProductCraft, a digital platform where product managers from around the world share their stories and expertise.

In recent years, we’ve been on a mission to help companies become product led—to use their digital products as a vehicle to deliver exceptional user experiences. We recognize that software alone cannot help companies make this shift. They need education, training, and a community to learn from. I’m really proud of the work we’ve done to support the product management community, but ultimately, we’re software builders, not community builders. To take community to the next level, we needed to bring in the experts. That’s why I’m so excited to announce that we have acquired Mind the Product, the world’s largest community of product managers. 

My team has always admired Mind the Product. Before Pendo got started, Martin, James, and team recognized the growing influence of product managers inside both technology startups and increasingly digital enterprises. They surrounded the product community with events, education, and resources to hone their craft. And though they began in their hometown of London, Mind the Product had global ambitions, reaching product managers in more than 200 cities within a decade. Not even a global pandemic, which grounded live events to a halt, could slow this team. In the last two years, they’ve spun up a successful training business and created a digital subscription with more than 3,000 members.

For all of these reasons, we’re committed to ensuring Mind the Product stays Mind the Product—its content, events, meetups, training, and more will happen as usual. The team will stay in place, and likely grow. And while you’ll certainly see Pendo alongside other vendors at events, we’ll leave Mind the Product to run its conferences, make editorial decisions, and continue its vendor-neutral approach to workshops and training. I look forward to helping this team execute their vision for years to come. 

We’re also just as committed to maintaining our relationships with incredible partners like Product Collective, Product School, and Women in Product, along with the many other organizations delivering value to the product community that we’re all so passionate about.

Finally, I’m excited for another opportunity to provide value to Pendo customers. Mind the Product offers deeper connections within the global product community and more access to best practices, thought leadership, and tools to help our customers create the best products. 

Pendo’s mission is to elevate the world’s experiences with software. With its global footprint and unwavering support for product managers, Mind the Product is a great match for Pendo. 

Welcome, Mind the Product team, to Pendo!