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Pendo announces expanded Platform capabilities

Published Sep 11, 2019

Do more where and when you need to with improved webhooks and new integrations.

As product organizations build out their tech stacks, extensibility becomes a key requirement to enable workflows across tools and teams. Pendo is proud to announce new capabilities to share data across key systems. By providing the tools to get product data where you need it, Pendo can fulfill broader use cases with configurable webhooks and featured integration partners.

The core component of this expanded platform framework is configurable webhooks. In addition to Pendo’s existing ability to ingest events through API endpoints, webhooks makes it simple to send events from Pendo to third party applications in real time. Webhooks can be connected quickly and support multiple triggers and destinations. 

Additionally, Pendo is announcing new integrations with featured platform partners. These solutions are commonly used by Pendo customers and represent essential elements of a modern product tech stack.

  • Segment simplifies customer data infrastructure by aggregating and combining data from hundreds of endpoints, computing personas, and enforcing data protocols. Pendo customers can use Segment to send data to other key systems to trigger workflows, as well as receive data from external systems to target guides and in-app communications. By leveraging webhooks and other low-code integrations, Segment makes it easy to share data between systems.

“We’re excited to be working with Pendo to enable our customers to build even more personalized product experiences with our new two-way integration. We can’t wait to see how customers engage their users by triggering tailored in-app messages, guides, and polls – all while being able to follow up and measure the impact and lift from those campaigns.” – Tom Pinckney, Head of Business Development

  • Fivetran provides a modern, engineering-light approach to ETL data pipelines and BI integration. Combined with Pendo, Fivetran makes it easy to combine product analytics and user interactions alongside data from hundreds of other sources. With this broader mix of datasets, customers can understand how usage during trials impacts sales conversions, model churn risk, and understand the right product investments to make for maximum ROI.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Pendo and what it will do for Pendo customers, who can now track and capture user activity, centralize the data in a cloud warehouse, and transform it as needed — with zero engineering on their end. Like Pendo, we’re committed to simplifying basic data engineering tasks so companies can optimize their valuable engineering resources.” – Alexa Maturana-Lowe, Product Manager, Fivetran

  • LaunchDarkly allows product and engineering teams to decouple code deployment and feature release, enabling gradual rollouts and better user acceptance testing. Pendo’s product data can show you which users should see a new feature first, and LaunchDarkly makes it simple to set up that feature flag. Then use Pendo Guidance to test different feature announcement messages, collect early user feedback, and measure engagement.

“This integration is a great example of extending user value and the benefit of being thoughtful about how users get data into our Platform, as well as data out from our Platform. Product teams and business owners are empowered to coordinate with developers and operations teams to create curated experiences for targeted users or groups with predictable outcomes.” — Adam Zimman, VP Product, LaunchDarkly

  • FullStory lets product teams replay user sessions to identify friction in the user experience with their digital intelligence platform. By integrating Pendo and FullStory, product and UX teams can find product areas that need closer investigation and quickly jump to viewing session replays of users interacting with those pages and features. This combined macro and micro view of product activity allows teams to quickly find and fix friction and improve their product experience.

“At FullStory, our mission has always been focused on helping our customers improve their digital experience. We’re excited that, by partnering with Pendo, we can make it even easier for companies to find, understand and fix the bugs and brokenness that fill us all with frustration as we attempt to get things done online.” — Justin Dilley, Head of Product, FullStory

These expanded platform capabilities make it easier for customers who want to do more with their product data. With Pendo’s new webhooks and diversified integration ecosystem, Pendo customers have more options than ever to get product data wherever it needs to be and get work done across the tools in their tech stack. Learn more about featured partners here.