Digital workplace

How Pendo is helping businesses transform employee-facing software to drive digital adoption

Published May 11, 2021

If you’re reading this at “work,” that could mean a lot of different things these days. Maybe you’re at home, in your spare bedroom-turned office. Maybe you’re in your company’s office, masked up, and six feet away from your fellow coworkers. Or maybe, you’re on a train to visit family for the week and working via Amtrak for the next four hours. 

Wherever you are physically, it’s likely that you are actually doing your work the same way–on your computer, through online and cloud applications. The reason COVID hasn’t been as disruptive to many kinds of work is because all we need to be productive and successful is a computer, a wifi signal, and great applications. And, we need to be able to use these applications efficiently, effectively, and independently.

As businesses embrace the fact that our homes and our offices are digital-first workplaces, we at Pendo are working to improve employees’ experience with software both through our own product offering and education around digital adoption. Here are two ways this work is coming to life:

How Pendo is powering the digital workplace 

When companies implement new digital tools, employees have to learn new processes and behaviors–and it’s up to leadership to ensure software is adopted properly and continuously. What happens when they don’t? Extreme examples include jail time and losing millions of dollars. More commonly, when employees don’t adopt the software they’re supposed to use, it chips away at productivity, efficiency, and even their happiness at work. On the other hand, successful digital adoption manifests in higher productivity, reduced training and support costs, streamlined communication, fewer mistakes, and better process compliance.

At Pendo, we’re focused on fixing this adoption problem by making software–regardless of how complex–a more natural part of the employee experience. The latest release of the Pendo Launcher browser extension facilitates quicker mass deployment of our digital adoption solutions to your full suite of employee-facing applications. 

The Pendo Launcher can be automatically installed in your entire workforce’s browsers within hours with just a few clicks, allowing you to add in-app guides and comprehensive usage analytics for any software application without writing a single line of code. From there, you’ll be able to better understand how employees are engaging with software, and create guides that upskill your team, improve workflows, and maximize productivity. With the Pendo Launcher, it is easier than ever to bring the benefits of digital adoption solutions to your company. 

Learn from top digital workplace leaders at Guide

On June 22nd, we’re hosting a free virtual event to bring forward-thinking IT, learning and development, and HR leaders together to learn and exchange ideas around the digital workplace. Guide: The Digital Adoption Summit will explore what it takes to adapt to–and thrive in–the digital-first workplace.

The event will include a half day of learning, expert-led discussions and keynotes, stories from the field, and plenty of networking opportunities. You’ll walk away (or rather, log off) with best practices for boosting employee productivity and satisfaction, and advice from top leaders and practitioners to help inform your own strategies.

We’re thrilled to share that Adam Grant, popular Wharton professor, New York Times bestselling author, and the world’s leading organizational psychologist will be kicking off the event as keynote speaker. Adam is urging leaders to Think Again aboout how we’ve worked in the past, and with other speakers, we’ll dive into some key ways we can redesign our digital workplaces to create a more productive and engaged workforce. We’ll also feature executives from TrueCar, Essity, and IDEO, and we’ll continue to update the roster with more world-class leaders in digital and workplace transformation. 

If you’re tasked with making sure employees adopt and use software effectively, then Guide is for you. Want to save your spot? Register for Guide: The Digital Adoption Summit here.