How the Pendo Reseller Partner Program helps you deliver more personalized experiences for your customers

Published Oct 14, 2020

Many Pendo customers are starting to leverage Pendo Reseller Partner Program, our whitelabel in-app training solution for B2B software vendors. When customers buy your software, each organization probably uses it in different ways. Pendo allows your customers to personalize their product experience by embedding training, documentation, and custom guides into your product. 

In the spirit of showing rather than telling, below we share some examples of how our partners are using Pendo to better enable their customers and drive product adoption. Every company’s needs are different, but these are some of the most common use cases we see today.

1. Reinforce processes and governance

With B2B products, each customer has unique conventions, templates, rules, and processes for their teams to follow. This is especially important for large enterprises that support globally-distributed teams. One Pendo user publishes guides to remind their global teams about the appropriate naming conventions for assets and campaigns in their marketing automation platform. This helps reduce input errors and keeps their deployment organized on a global scale.

Internally, we use Pendo to encourage consistent formatting and labeling in our legal team’s contract management tool. Previously, our lead counsel was spending too much time updating contracts to match Pendo-specific business processes and rules. Now, she uses Pendo to publish guides and tooltips to remind employees about the correct conventions–allowing her to spend more time reviewing contracts and less time cleaning up after people. As processes evolve over time, all she needs to do is update those in-app reminders, making any new information available in context when users need it. 

2. Deliver custom training 

Most customers buy software to support or automate their existing processes, which means products have to be flexible and customizable. Although your team can manage global training content, customers often have to fill a gap with local training to support their unique workflows. 

Wolters Kluwer uses Pendo to support training on their auditing tool, TeamMate. Every TeamMate instance is customized, and even auditors who have used TeamMate before have to relearn their new organization’s unique setup. Traditionally, their customers’ trainers delivered content in large user manuals or live training sessions, but Pendo allows them to embed custom documentation and content in-app. This helps onboard new team members faster, enforce consistency, and deliver updates when processes change.

Pendo partner Xactly, a sales performance management platform, uses Pendo to support new customer onboarding. Because Xactly is deployed to a company’s entire sales team, first impressions and minimal disruption are key to successful implementation. With Pendo, sales operations teams can build consistent, always-on training that lives in the Xactly platform, so when sales reps need help with a task, the right content is available immediately. This capability has been a big differentiator for Xactly as they acquire new customers. Pendo powers each customer’s onboarding in a modern, seamless way that is better formatted for product knowledge than communications in email or Slack.

3. Support regulatory compliance and local ordinances

Pendo partner Cartegraph provides public works solutions for local municipalities. Any local government can use Cartegraph to run their facilities and operations services, but each has to operate under specific ordinances and local regulations. Operations managers use Pendo to broadcast specific procedures and requirements for their municipality, so when teams pick up their next work order in Cartegraph, they have the most up-to-date information. As new regulations are passed, it’s easy to make updates and this information lives where their users can easily find it.

Another example worth highlighting is talent acquisition platform SmartRecruiters. Human resources (HR) teams use their platform to support global hiring efforts and sometimes, the users within a SmartRecruiters account source candidates in different countries–each with specific hiring regulations and employment practices. Pendo helps SmartRecruiters customers ensure their users follow local hiring regulations, since it allows them to surface templates and required language for job postings in specific regions and roles.

4. Embed and scale internal expertise

When customers apply their unique workflows and processes to your application, it can be difficult to capture those specifics in formal documentation. More often, this information lives in the brains of their admins and power users. Even if they’ve created a training deck or FAQ document, their teammates are more likely to fire off a quick email or Slack message. Without a way to share their knowledge at scale, these internal champions often find themselves answering the same questions over and over.

Pendo allows power users to embed their expertise where their fellow users can easily find it. Organization-specific guidance on conventions and best practices live in-app, bridging the gap between ‘how the product works’ and ‘how the product works at our organization.’ Making this knowledge available and easily accessible across the organization is a key contributor to customer adoption, and keeps important information within the team even if a champion moves on to a different role.

Take it from Gary Cotrell, VP of product marketing and strategy at Xactly: “No one wants to become trapped in their job because they’re the only one who can do it. Being able to capture that knowledge about the internal use of our application allows them that room for advancement instead of being stuck.”

How to learn more about Pendo

With no code modification required, you can be up and running in Pendo in minutes. To learn more about how Pendo can work for your customers (and how you can drive revenue through our partner program) reach out to your customer success team or request a demo today.