Using Pendo

How Convercent drove down support ticket volume with Pendo


Five questions with Jeremy Robinson, Support Community Manager at Convercent


1. What challenges or business needs initially led you to consider Pendo?

We wanted to understand the user journey in our application, as well as have access to more meaningful communication pushed to the customer between guides, walkthroughs, and banner messages.

2. How and why did you decide that Pendo was the right product for your company?

The decision was made before I arrived at the company, however, the push to continue to use it and drive more usage into various aspects of our products is powered by the ease of use within Pendo, the flexibility, and the reporting that can be done. These mixed together give us a leg up in understanding our customers, and focusing on what is used or matters most.

3. How are you using Pendo? What features do you rely on and which ones provide you with the greatest benefits? 

We use it for proactive notifications whether it’s features, updates, bug fixes, walkthroughs, etc. When we first rolled out banner messaging in conjunction with our newly available status page, Pendo gave us exactly what we needed to target the members of our user groups that really cared about overall application status. Doing this resulted in immediate growth in our status page subscribers list, and more meaningful conversations with customers on what they will and won’t see. It also reduced our support ticket volume by 7% alone, as we no longer field questions on whether or not we are having application issues—it’s available 24/7 on our status page.

4. What distinctive aspects of your industry make your use of Pendo impactful?

Some of our user base aren’t regular users of technology. Pendo allows us to understand what they are trying to do, where they get stuck, and it helps us formulate a game plan for constructive messaging to targeted groups to help them in their journey with our application. When we can see that they are at point B and trying to get to point C, we can message them through Pendo with known pathways, as well as identify potential areas for confusion (while working to clear the confusion on the engineering side for a future update). We’re also able to highlight key areas once they get to point C that makes their value received from our application increase immediately.

5. What are the largest effects that Pendo has had on your business, products, or customers?

Pendo makes our customers more successful. No longer are they in the dark wondering why things are or are not working as designed or how they perceived. It also allows our business to hone our focus on the things that matter most – what our customers use day in and day out, so we aren’t spinning cycles on features but spending time making the best of what’s most impactful to them.


About Convercent: Convercent is a Denver-based software company that helps companies design and implement compliance programs. The company’s Convercent governance, risk management and compliance software integrates the management of corporate compliance risk, cases, disclosures, training and policies.