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G2 ranks Pendo a leader in product analytics, both digital and mobile

In the early days of Pendo, our founders established “maniacal focus on the customer” as a core value. A key way we live that out is by maniacally listening to customers. 

With in-app surveys and polls and the new Pendo Feedback, we have a lot of built-in mechanisms to learn what our customers think, want, and need. But platforms like G2 allow us to read their unbiased insights and reviews as they recommend Pendo to others. 

To that end, we’re grateful to customers for their latest round of ratings, which helped us rank as a leader in five categories: product analytics, digital analytics, mobile app optimization, mobile app analytics, and digital adoption, a brand new category. These ratings also provide affirmation that we’re helping our customers understand their users, drive product usage, and make more informed product decisions. 

Digital Adoption G2 Crowd Pendo
Pendo leads in G2’s new digital adoption category.

Consider for example, this pair of G2 reviews:

“Pendo really gives us a chance to build a stronger relationship with our customers, dig deeper into their entire user experience, and ultimately understand their hottest friction points with all the data analytics opportunities.”

“Pendo makes user analytics understandable and accessible to everyone in the organization. I have enabled not only Product teams and UX with Pendo, but also Marketing and QA, who all get great insights for better decision-making from Pendo.”

Product Analytics G2 Crowd Pendo
Pendo moves further into the upper right quadrant in product analytics.

The latter quote hits on an important differentiation point for Pendo—our product doesn’t fit into a single category. We provide a complete platform for product teams, and also serve a variety of roles in an organization. As such, it’s encouraging to see Pendo move into the top quadrant of leaders in digital analytics and product analytics over the last year, remain a leader in mobile app analytics and optimization, and enter as the clear leader in the new category of digital adoption. These categories show the breadth and depth of our solution.

Mobile App Optimization G2 Crowd Pendo
Pendo emerges as a top leader in mobile app optimization.

Of course, G2 reviews highlight some action items for our team too. As we continue to refine existing features and release new ones, user reviews help us identify areas of focus. We are grateful to customers for the many ways in which they provide constructive feedback and insight, and we pledge to continue focusing maniacally on serving them.