Customer Teams

From Founding CSM to One of Many with Srajan Bhagat

Published Jul 16, 2019

Note: The Churn It Up podcast episodes were created by Receptive who Pendo acquired.

About The Episode

This week, Aly talks with Srajan Bhagat, recently the founding CSM at RecruiterBox, and currently a CSM of many at Sauce Labs.

He explains the differences between working in smaller and larger success teams with a more technical product, giving insights into what you can expect in different types of organizations and CS roles.

Who Should Listen?

This episode is perfect for CSMs who are curious what being a CSM is like in different types of SaaS companies or interested in ways to improve their sales handover & onboarding process.

Key Takeaways

  • The difference between solo and team based onboarding & CS.
  • What it’s like to work in CS on a highly technical product.
  • The initial questions you should ask your sales teams during handoff.
  • The key tools you can use to work more efficiently.
  • The types of documentation that can help with your onboarding process.