Pendo Story: MaxPoint

Written by Michael Peach  | 

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MaxPoint is a marketing technology company that generates hyperlocal intelligence to optimize retail performance. The company provides a platform for brands to connect the digital world with the physical world through hyperlocal execution, measurement, and consumer insights. For more information, visit

The Challenge

The MaxPoint Intelligence Platform™ is a self-service system that enables advertisers and agencies to drill down and get deep insight into what makes their campaigns successful at the neighborhood, or Digital Zip® level. Users can also create media plans and monitor the performance of campaigns they have in the market. The platform was originally a series of internal tools used exclusively by the MaxPoint team, but the company quickly saw value in combining the tools and making them available to customers, thereby allowing customers to plan and monitor their campaigns.

Turning the MaxPoint Intelligence Platform™ into a client-facing product meant the immediate addition of Shopping image a large number of new users.  MaxPoint’s product team quickly found itself needing data on overall and specific customer usage of the platform, which required data that was not readily accessible. Requests for data were routed to the engineering team, which was a less than ideal practice. MaxPoint knew that it needed a better, more efficient solution to capture and analyze user data in its products.

Adding Product Analytics

Knowing the limitations of the ad hoc approach, MaxPoint began to evaluate several analytics platforms in depth to determine which would work best for its needs. One of those solutions was Pendo, which MaxPoint had previously installed on another product in its portfolio. Several capabilities made Pendo stand out among the solutions MaxPoint was evaluating.

“You don’t really appreciate the retroactive analysis until you see it in action. We were comparing two features and were immediately able to pull the results for the last month that they were in market. Selecting Pendo was an easy choice for us.”

-Eddie Howard, Manager, Product Management, MaxPoint

First, the MaxPoint team was impressed that with Pendo, it did not have to have an engineering team tag every feature it wanted to measure. Once Pendo was installed, the product management and UX teams could tag the features themselves directly within the Pendo interface. Equally impressive were the retroactive analysis capabilities. Even if the product team didn’t tag a particular feature right away, it could do so after the fact and immediately analyze all the data for that feature from the time that Pendo was first installed.

Expanding the Use of Product Data

Installing Pendo proved to be quick and easy. The MaxPoint team was able to deploy Pendo within the MaxPoint Intelligence Platform™ in less than 10 minutes. With some additional testing, the team was up and running. To date, MaxPoint has tagged more than 500 features in its platform and defined detailed segments of both internal and external users—grouping external users by role and by which pages and features they use within the platform.

Analyzing the feature data by segment allows the UX team to focus design attention on the features and pages that get the most use. For example, when the team discovered a page that was not regularly used but that proved to be a key component of sales demonstrations, it was able to adjust the page design accordingly—giving it a better look and feel and improving the overall effectiveness of demos.

MaxPoint has expanded its Pendo deployment to include internal tools in addition to the MaxPoint Intelligence Platform™, and the team has seen the use of the product analytics expand far beyond the product team.

MaxPoint has many development and growth initiatives in progress and will consider more Pendo installations.