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Digital Adoption Certification Course

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You may know what digital adoption is, but this Digital Adoption Certification Course breaks down what it means to build optimal digital experiences for internal users in order to increase software and workflow adoption, remove business process friction, and drive employee productivity.

Complete the course and exam to earn a “Digital Adoption Certified” badge for your professional profile. The course and exam are 100% online and self-paced. Usually $149, we’re offering the course for FREE for everyone.

Who should participate

This course is for anyone who is responsible for building or managing digital software applications, experiences, and/or processes for internal users, managing their organization’s software portfolio, or increasing business efficiency with software. This includes those within technology leadership, IT, digital transformation, business operations, people teams, and internal product management.

What to expect

  • 6 modules covering digital adoption strategies and best practices
  • 2 hours of engaging, instructor-led videos
  • Curriculum developed by digital adoption, transformation, and product experts
  • Optional exam to check your knowledge and earn a badge

Explore the curriculum

Todd Olson | CEO and Co-founder, Pendo

Module 1: Welcome to the Digital Adoption Certification Course

Get an overview of the Digital Adoption Certification Course and what you can expect to learn.

Kelli Dragovich | GTM Strategy, Pendo

Module 2: The role of digital adoption in digital transformation

Learn how digital adoption fits into broader digital transformation initiatives and why business success depends on how effectively employees consistently adopt internal software.

Brian Walsh | SVP of Product, Pendo

Module 3: Internal product management: Building products and processes for internal users

Explore how businesses can utilize product management foundations and best practices to build internal digital experiences that help employees do their best work.

Yezi Peng | VP of GTM Operations, Pendo

Module 4: Understanding and changing how employees use internal tools

Dig into a proven method for understanding and changing how employees use internal tools and practical ways to apply these tactics at your own organization.

Enrique Jenkins | VP of Business Technology, Pendo

Module 5: Getting the most out of your software investments

Learn why it’s important to put employees at the center of your software decisions and how to use data to ensure your organization is getting the full value from digital tools.

Kelli Dragovich | GTM Strategy, Pendo

Module 6: How to implement and measure a digital adoption strategy for your organization

Discover practical ways to put what you’ve learned from this course into action, including ten KPIs you can use to measure your digital adoption efforts and iterate your strategy over time.