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We’re software people too, so we know you prefer a hands-on approach to evaluating new tools. That’s why we built our demo center, a self-guided tour of Pendo. Select a use case below to explore how Pendo is used at your own pace.


  •  New user onboarding 

    First impressions mean everything, especially when it comes to digital tools. Exceptional in-app onboarding makes all the difference.

    See how Pendo Guides can help you:

    • Lead users through the most valuable workflows of your software
    • Flatten the learning curve from day one to create more successful users

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  •  Using feedback in product decisions 

    When you centralize your product feedback, you have vital data on tap for your product teams.

    Take the tour to see how to:

    • Automatically segment user feedback
    • Filter, organize, and prioritize your feedback
    • Easily identify high-value features to build

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  •  Evaluate product usage 

    Did you know that just 20% of your app’s features account for 80% of its total usage? Do you know which they are? Pendo does.

    Take this two part tour to learn how to:

    • Easily add a Feature Adoption data to your dashboard
    • Uncover key usage trends at a glance

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New user onboarding
Using feedback in product decisions
Evaluate product usage

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From fully-fledged multi-step onboarding processes to quick announcements, feedback collection, and marketing campaigns, there are endless possibilities for using Pendo guides to improve product experiences. Here’s a collection of some of our favorites.

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