Onboarding: The bread and butter of Optimizely’s education team

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The leading experimentation company Optimizely knows how important onboarding is for user adoption. That’s why Yeesheen Yang and her team pour resources into providing users with proper product education.

Yeesheen’s team is responsible for creating in-app documentation and onboarding materials. Previously, Optimizely’s engineering team had built in-app walkthroughs, but there were challenges in prioritizing onboarding guides when new features needed to be built.

The company saw how valuable having in-app education was to their users, so they decided they needed a third-party tool made specifically for user guidance.

For a largely non-technical education team, it was easy to start building onboarding walkthroughs with Pendo. A guide center that’s connected with their education system, Optiverse, provided their users with all the help materials they need—in-app.

Because Optimizely has made onboarding such a critical part of their product experience, they have built and tested multiple scenarios, and have found that users experience product value fastest with Pendo guides.

No longer contingent on the availability of their engineering team, Optimizely’s education team can communicate, educate, and provide the most value to their users without needing to code.