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Today, enterprise product teams must manage multi-channel complexity. Employees use an average of 3 different devices in their daily routines. Software can no longer be designed with a single platform in mind. Together Pendo and Insert will help product teams build products that inspire love and loyalty across web and mobile channels.

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A Platform for Product Experience

Pendo helps product teams understand product usage, collect user feedback, measure NPS, assist users, and promote new features in their applications - all built on a common infrastructure of product data. With Pendo installed, every activity by every user is automatically captured and stored, enabling product teams to analyze usage, and personalize the product experience without any engineering resources.

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Extended to Power Great Products Across All Screens and Devices

Insert allows mobile product teams to better understand users and deliver personalized experiences through highly targeted native in-app surveys, guides, and announcements. With just a one time SDK installation, product teams can track user behavior, and add rich, native in-app surveys, guides, and announcements to their apps. Combined, both platforms will provide a complete solution for product teams - helping them to build better products - whether they are Web, hybrid, or native mobile.

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