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What is Pendo Adopt?

Organizations use Pendo Adopt to maximize value from their largest IT investments; specifically, in employee-facing applications. Armed with user-behavior analytics, companies are able to make better technology and process decisions. No-code guides allow employers to deliver support to employees in-app, and help them adapt to change quickly. Pendo Adopt enables organizations to mature their digital workplace strategy, technology and processes to achieve greater process efficiency and an improved employee experience.

Pendo Adopt is purchased and configured for certain applications in your digital workplace. An application has to be added and each web address specified in order to collect data. It does not collect data for every page an employee navigates to on a corporate device.

Why does Pendo Adopt collect application-level data?

Pendo helps internal product managers, process owners, project managers, and operational support teams better understand how work happens within, and across, applications. In order to derive these insights, Pendo enables them to collect data on click-path and process flow for defined business-critical processes. This data is collected in order to inform and improve application usability, process design, and reduce overall friction in how work is completed.

Without application-level data, the dashboards, insights, and personalized guidance that Pendo can provide an organization are significantly limited. The only identifying information that Pendo requires is a unique user ID for each employee in the organization, which can be easily anonymized by the employer (the Pendo customer). Pendo does not collect any user-entered form field text in an application.

What are Selective URLs and how does that help limit data collected?

Selective URLs provide the ability to narrow what pages are collecting usage data by writing regular expressions to match explicit app URLs. For example, one can configure the browser extension on LinkedIn to only capture LinkedIn Sales Navigator activity and exclude all other activity that might be for personal use. The goal of selective URLs is to ensure that the focus remains on the business process that is being evaluated for effectiveness and adoption – not on the employee or their personal activities.

Within the Privacy Center, you can expand the “Applications” menu and see all of the applications your organization is collecting data on. A further expansion of each application will show you the Selective URL that is being captured.

Example: Your personal “Box” account would not be collected. As you can see here, only the corporate domain URL is collecting data.

How does Pendo Adopt benefit me as an employee?

Pendo Adopt enables your organization to add their own customized layer of guidance and support on top of their already existing workplace tools, so that you get the help you need where and when you need it—in the app itself while you’re working. In addition, through the use of the Pendo Launcher (where the Privacy Center is accessed), organizations can deploy a Resource Center, or source of truth, where they can centralize support, onboarding, training, communications and other helpful links and resources you may need.

Organizations can also leverage Pendo to deploy in-app polls and surveys and keep a finger on the pulse of your needs, feelings, and concerns. This ensures you are heard and creates more reliable feedback loops in the context of the process or application you gave it.

Lastly, the data that is collected can be leveraged to help simplify your digital workplace and prioritize improvements based on your needs: Which apps are employees working best with? When is context-switching causing process confusion and frustration? Which processes or workflows should we focus on optimizing training and support for? Are there duplicative apps in the portfolio causing SaaS sprawl and impacting collaboration when different teams use different tools to do the same thing? Pendo Adopt helps guide decisions on these and other key questions through data-informed insights.

Learn more about Pendo and our commitment to employee transparency by reading our Pendo Employee Data Privacy Pledge.

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