Detailed product usage directly in the hands of your customer success and sales teams

Product data when and where it’s most useful

A customer’s actual activity in your product is one of the most valuable indicators of health. Our new app puts that information directly in the tools you use to manage customer relationships. Gainsight and Salesforce users can easily consult data from Pendo without having to log into a separate tool. Need a refresher before your next customer call or business review? Want to monitor your trial accounts? The data’s right in front of you.

Understand customer behavior at a glance

For any customer, the Salesforce application provides a list of the most active users in the account, allowing you to quickly identify your power users. The application also shows page and feature usage for the account so you can track which areas of the product a customer is using.

Integrate with the tools you use every day

Data is only valuable if it can be used. Surface data directly in Salesforce or Gainsight to give your customer success and sales teams easy access to customer usage data ahead of meetings or during customer conversations.

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